Privacy Policy

Like many content creators, I’d like to know what content is relevant to visitors. This means that a certain amount of visitor data needs to be stored.

Turns out, the fairest and easiest way to handle trackable user data is to not store any at all, and not let third parties handle visitor data. Tracking is a major issue on the web, and because of this I’ve opted not to use a certain popular tracking service, and instead use a local back-end based system.

This means that while this website collects some data, such as what browser you use, your (estimated) country and your hashed (i.e. non-traceable) IP address, it cannot track you anywhere outside of this site.

This data is never shared with another party, and this site strives to conform to the GDPR.


This website does not use any cookies, other than the default WordPress cookies (when attempting to log in, which you shouldn’t do).